SPR Therapeutics, Inc.

September 22, 2021

Business Overview

  • SPRcare Team is a group within SPR Therapeutics tasked with managing the relationships with SPRcare Providers, including the processing of new SPRcare Cases, used to manage the Prior Authorization and Appeals Process of Benefits approval for patients seeking coverage for an SPR device
  • SPRcare was looking for a solution to streamline their internal and external processes, and provide a physician-facing portal and internal ticketing system to manage the claims process

Situation/The Challenge:

  • SPR previously outsourced the processing and management of SPRcare cases to an external vendor (high-cost, limited visibility)
  • To bring this process in-house without an appropriate technology solution would result in inefficient back and forth between SPRcare and Physicians, and delays in processing these cases

Action: The Solution:

  • Customer Community implementation
  • Physician-facing portal to create new Cases/Submissions, attach required documentation, review case progress and activities against existing Cases
  • Share SPRcare checklists, process documentation and training guides with Providers
  • Service Cloud implementation for case assignment, case status tracking, activity tracking, Reports and Dashboards to highlight KPIs (bottlenecks, commonality between Case categories, etc.)

Results: The Outcome:

  • Reduction in recurring costs (eliminated managed service fees)
  • Increase in efficiency in processing Cases (reduce back and forth), a centralized place for housing documents, and gain internal visibility into bottlenecks and areas for process improvements via Salesforce reporting
  • Grown SPRcare team from 2 to 6 representatives
  • Case volume/growth has increased by X% (confirm with Tonya)

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