Field Trip Health, Inc.

August 24, 2021


Field Trip takes a personalized approach to mental wellness; they treat people not patients. Field Trip blends legal psychedelic-enhanced therapy, mindfulness, and self-care over a series of sessions with trained psychotherapists. All in an environment designed to foster a feeling of safety and comfort that promotes healing

The Challenge:

Field Trip Health had decentralized patient care processes that made it difficult to provide the level of care that they wanted to provide to people. They needed to lay a foundation to be able to scale as they grew across North America and Europe and provide more seamless integration between their call center(s), their client portal, their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform, and a HIPAA-compliant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

The Solution:

Field Trip Health chose a robust Salesforce (CRM) ecosystem to lay out a foundation for improved efficiency and a centralized intake process to be able to scale as they grow their clinic locations across the U.S and Canada. A parallel project also launched Salesforce Marketing Cloud for campaign management.

The Result:

  • Migration of prospective client records extracted from multiple systems and various ad hoc data tracking sources
  • An upgraded online care coordinator booking platform which required an update across all of Field Trip Health’s organic landing pages and provides HIPAA compliance
  • This booking platform reduces compliance risk and provides greater flexibility in data collection up front, as well as payment gating options for future programs
  • Automated integration between Field Trip’s EMR using secure APIs that allows Field Trip Health to pull patient and appointment data directly into Salesforce which makes it easier for the call center team to follow up with our prospects 
  • Field Trip Health’s telephony platform has been integrated into Salesforce to allow integration of activities such as click to dial and automated logging of call records
  • Creation of rigorous rules around data capture and workflow to ensure consistency during the intake process

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